Starting as low as
12 000€ + shipping
Including one year of subscription fee.
CLIMBSTATION – Product as a service*
Financing Starting as low as 12 000€* and you can start serving your customers. (*excluding freight). After 12 months you have the flexibility to continue the service as low as 2000€ annual cost, purchase it or return it and we will even refund you. Contact ClimbStation sales for detailed pricing options.
Return on investment
ClimbStation return on investment varies a lot of the location and the pricing model. In a gym, you can attract more members or keep the existing members continuing the membership. In some locations, you can sell Climbing as a thrilling service. Price climbing per try or give unlimited climbing rights for a few euro more.
See below chart for potential earnings you can generate with ClimbStation.
Fitness & Sport equipment:
Intensive full-body workout (for gym, sports club or employees wellbeing)
Attracts and draws audiences
Events and Marketing:
with Direct cash flow potential
Resort activity
Profit calculation
  • Entertain both users and spectators
  • Climb with the freedom of no
    ropes and harnesses
  • Monitor your
    results and compete with friends
  • Efficiency in training and performance
  • Always in ready-to-use condition
  • Low operating cost and staff participation
  • Mobile and plenty of potential locations where to use it
  • For all ages and skill levels
  • Branding and advertising
Climbstation in New Jersey, USA
How Climbstation works
The Only electric driven climbing wall which takes advantage of the energy created by the climber.

Introducing ClimbStation K.E.R.S.
Automatic start
ClimbStation K.E.R.S makes it possible to have a safe automatic start without a press of a button. The wall automatically starts the program owner has chosen as a default.
Adaptive speed control and new top speed
ClimbStation adjusts the speed according to the speed of the climber. The system will find the right speed for both lightweight and heavier climbers. Compared to previous ClimbStation, with a 40% speed increase, the new ClimbStation now rolls a top speed of 25 meters per minute.
Energy savings
New ClimbStation works with 24V / 2A energy input. Compared to previous 230V / 10 A. This gives an average of 90% energy savings and enables the wall to be used globally in all outlets. Works also with a battery pack for several hours, which is an ideal option for events organizers.
ClimbStation is Easy-to-use, Quiet in operation and Compact enough to be Mobile. It is large enough to fulfill the professional climbing needs with a wide range of inclination
(+15° – -45°-degree negative overhang)
ClimbStation is by far better than any other climbing treadwall out there!
-Brad Farra
Chiropractic Sports Physician,
Evolution Healthcare & Fitness

ClimbStation is a major differentiator, people come to the gym and say: "Wow!"
-Hasse Hoftvedt
Fitness Xpress Oslo
"...The compact and mobile design combined with an endless variety of terrain is only limited by your imagination." Read full feedback
-Michael Jackson
Private owner of the 2017 ClimbStation
Indianapolis, IN

"The Climbstation has served the clients of the sports mill with great looks. The device has been widely used by all age groups from small children to seniors. Group of climbers have also taken advantage of Climbstation as a part of their training. The amount of climbed meters increase from year to year according to statistics.
-Lauri Immonen
Team supervisor at City of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
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